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PT3 Wrestling System

The PT3 Wrestling System is a progessive drilling system that includes highly effective offensive attacks and chain wrestling ("flowrestling"). All techniques stem from a wrestling stance. The PT3 System was developed using the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) that 20% of the input results for 80% of the output.

In wrestling there are many techniques and drills, but over 80% of those techniques are seen less than 20% of the time. Less than 20% of techniques are the highly effective point scorers that are seen over and over again succeeding through the highest level of wrestling.

The PT3 Wrestling System incorporates a Call Out Drill that focuses on these most effective techniques in a chain wrestling manner. Wrestlers are taught how to control and move opponents with 3 Points of Contact (Head, and Hands) and drill the offensive attacks in our system. Wrestlers learn to drill in a transitional, or chain like manner ("flowrestling") by moving from one move to another, wrestling from the bottom position to their escapes, and take downs to pin combinations.

There is no other way to properly prepare wrestlers for match-like situations than repetition of highly effective technique! PT3 System Technique is consistently reviewed, adsorbed, and drilled in a call out manner.

Wrestlers are also put in live situations centered around the PT3 System technique covered. This gives wrestlers the ability to gain confidence in their technique and abilities. The constant repetition of drills and live situations create a muscle memory effect unlike no other wrestling system.

Ponce Trained Wrestling is thankful for the great coaches and programs who have influenced the PT3 System to be the success that it is!