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Ponce Trained Wrestling
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 Are meals provided?

Yes, both youth and varsity campers are provided meals.

 I have allergies, take medication, or have a specific need

Thank you for notifying us. Please list your specific need at enrollment and our safety team will contact you with a gameplan.

 Is there a hotel nearby parents can stay?

There are several in the area within a few miles. Best Western in Blaine is right down the street, has big rooms and great rates. Please contact the sales department at 763-792-0750.

 Can parents watch camp?

Parents are allowed to view on the mat camp activities from the observation area.

 Are payment plans available?

To receive our special promotions, payment must be made in full. Please contact us directly for further questions.

 Can Youth Campers stay overnight?

Youth Camp is commuter only.

 Can I attend one week only?

First priority goes to two week campers due to our special promotion. One week enrollments DO NOT receive special promotion KS Rudis Shoes.

 Are refunds available?

To complete our enrollment form you must agree to our refund policy. Policy can also be found on the main PTW website.

 Additional questions or comments

Please refer any additional questions or comments to Thank you!