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Additional Camp Information

Mandatory check-in and out: For the safety of our campers, we require campers to check-in and out daily to ensure safety. Campers will only be allowed to be checked in/out by approved personnel. If the responsible party to check-out the camper is not listed as an approved pick-up person, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to inform staff with the name and contact information of the check-out personnel prior to the check in/out date. Regardless of age, campers cannot check themselves in and out.

Food allergies & Special Diet: If your camper has specific dietary needs or is highly allergic to specific foods such as peanuts, please inform staff immediately with this information. We’ll do our best to accommodate the needs and health of our campers.

Medications: If your camper requires routine medication, please let us know and we can help store medications as needed. We will have a camp nurse on site available to administrate medication. We will not administer medication to campers that is not prescribed or approved by parents/guardians.

What to bring: Sleeping bags, pillows, soap, shampoo, hygiene requirements, toothbrush, etc. for overnight campers.  Medication with prescription, or letter from home such as inhalers and allergy EpiPen. Wrestling attire such as: wrestling shoes (outdoor shoes also), socks, head gear, light breathable athletic clothing, extra clothing if needed. Nonperishable snacks and beverages. Please leave valuables at home. Minnesota Tough Wrestling Camp is not responsible for missing, lost or stolen items.

Attire & Skin Infection Prevention: Campers are expected to dress in light, breathable and athletic clothing appropriate for wrestling. No loose baggy clothing, jewelry, or piercing. Please bring headgear and necessary knee pads for protection. Overnight & commuter campers are expected to keep cleanliness and daily shower routines.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) & Supervision: We'll always act first to protect a camper's safety and well-being. 911 will be called in all emergency situations, followed by immediate contact of parent/guardians and emergency contacts. Campers are to remain in supervised area always. Unauthorized leave of supervised area will result in: 1st, a phone call home warning, 2nd, removal from camp.

Behavior Guidelines & Discipline: Our camp expectations correlate with our company values: respect, honesty, integrity and relationships. All staff, campers, parents, and families are expected to treat one another with respect. Our campers will be held to our company values.

PTW promotes good behavior and expects campers to behave in a mature responsible way, and respect the rights of others on and off the mats. When a camper does not follow the behavior guidelines, PTW will take the following steps: 1) PTW staff will redirect camper to a more appropriate behavior 2) If inappropriate behavior continues, PTW staff will remind camper of behavior guidelines, and camper will be asked on actions he/she can take to correct their behavior 3) If camper’s behavior does not improve, a call to parents/guardians will be made by PTW staff and camper. Camper will be reminded of appropriate behavior 4) if inappropriate behavior still does not improve, as a final action the camper will be dismissed from camp. Camper fees are non-refundable if a camper is sent home for disciplinary reasons. Physical violence or bullying toward another camper, staff, or observing parent/guardians is not tolerated by any means and will result in immediate dismissal.

Camp FAQ

Where can I park?

Parking lots are adjacent to the Expo Center building and all over the National Sports Center campus. There are hundreds of parking spots available on site free of charge. NSC Expo Center is located at: 1700 105th Ave NE, Blaine, MN 55449

Will meals be provided?

PTW will provide meals appropriate to your camp. Campers with special diet needs and/or allergies need to communicate this need to PTW as soon as possible. Meals will be high in protein, grains and fruit/veggie.

Can I watch my camper during camp?

Parents and families are welcomed to watch camp in the observation area, the walk-in area of the Expo Center. There is a lounge for parents upon entering the expo center. Parents and observers are asked to remain in the lobby or walk in area. No one besides background check approved and trained staff can access the Wrestling mats and dorm lobby and sleeping area. Observers are asked to be respectful of camp procedures and are only allowed to view-no verbal or nonverbal coaching is allowed from observation area.

Who can I contact if I need to get a hold of my camper?

Parents and families are welcome to contact Mrs. Tina Ponce at 651-808-3362 for immediate concerns and purposes. This will be the primary contact number and will go directly to Mrs. Ponce for emergencies. All other non-immediate phone calls can be made to the PTW hotline, 612-642-1499, or directly to Coach Ponce 407-865-2043.

Is there a hotel nearby?

The Best Western Plus in Blaine is ready for your hotel accommodation needs in the area. They have double bed rooms with a fold out couch that can fit up to 6 people. They are within minutes/walking distance of the campus! Please contact Fro at 763-235-1898 or email at

Does my camper need extra money while at camp?

The typical camper buys an extra shirt, or gear item and snacks while at camp. If you plan on buying extra gear or snacks, please bring extra cash. Camp Store also accepts credit card and checks.

What ages does my camper have to be?

Youth Campers have to be going into Kindergarten through 6th grade, and Varsity Campers have to be going into 7th-12th grade.

Are there payments plans?

PTW provides an extreme amount of value and honesty in the original price conducted for our members and families. We allow families to pay in full up front, or divide their payment into 3 separate increments. If you have specific questions regarding your financial commitment to camp, please contact PTW Directly for more inquiry:

Do I sign up twice, or can I attend just one week?

The MN Tough Camp was built and designed with your growth in mind. PTW provides a camp early in the summer, and a camp late in the summer as a optimal catalyst for performance. With PTW you get two camp experiences for the price of one!

We highly recommend the 8 day experience for the full experience. If you absolutely cannot attend both weeks of camp, we will be happy to accommodate your schedule needs. Please, contact us for a customized 1 week option enrollment.

Camps are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number of campers, age, and/or grade level due to safety policies).