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The Exclusive PTW Membership Package!!

At Ponce Trained Wrestling we value every member and appreciate you being an AMAZING part of our PTW Family!!

The PTW MEMBERSHIP Package Includes:

1) Monthly Email Letter with awesome PT3 Material!

Members receives updates with awesome offers, enrollment options, member upcoming events, and invitation to our private events and yearly cookout!

2) Complimentary Film Evaluation!!

Receive a 1-Match Film Evaluation Report completely FREE of charge for joining our services!!

3) 10% Discount on all PTW Services until August 2019!!!

YES, 10% off any future PTW Services from your first enrollment to August of 2019!!!

Join a PTW Service Today to join the Exclusive PTW Membership Club!! 

Thank you for being a valued PTW Member. We’re here for your family at any time and are available to your needs.


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